Different Types of Flight Simulator Controls

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There have been several developments in flight simulator software and the simulator controls have also developed along with it. In the past, most people were stuck using their mouse and keyboards, and only some lucky individuals had access to the primitive joysticks. With the rising popularity of these simulators, an increasing number of tech companies released highly advance controls that were more accessible to the general public.

Today, there are several advanced flight simulator controls available that can actually recreate the feeling of being in the pilot’s seat of the different types of air planes that are available in the software. In this article we have mentioned different types of simulator controls that are used.

Joysticks are the most commonly used controls and they are available in different varieties. They come with a plethora of features that may range from the minimums to the extremely complicated features, and this is reflected in the price. If you are on a stringent budget then consider buying the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. Although it is not specifically made for that purpose, it works really well for flight simulations.

This joystick comes with 12 customizable buttons that can be easily programmed to regulate any part of the software. It is pressure sensitive and comes with a hat switch. This product is not only highly versatile but also very reliable. Logitech’s brand reputation makes it a great choice in general, and Extreme 3D is easily the best joystick that you can purchase for the price.

If money is not a constraint and you are willing to enjoy a high level experience then Saitek X52 Pro Flight System is the best choice. The joystick comes with 12 programmable buttons and several additional features. It also comes with a throttle system, an integrated LED display, controls for afterburners, dedicated buttons, and several other features. The unit comes with programmable LED lighting, back-lighting, and customizable controls. The set also features a software development kit that allows the users to create games or specific programs. The Saitek X52 is a highly complicated system that is designed for the highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable users.

Pedals are another type of flight simulator controls worth buying, and the price may range from $80 to $500 or more. The expensive pedals come with more advanced and complex features and their specifications also go up. They are designed to behave exactly like the pedals in a fighter jet. However, if you are looking for easy to use pedals then you may consider buying the Products Pro Pedals. They are simple, yet the features are great.

Throttle Quadrants are another important type of controls that permits the simulation of controlling the throttle of an airplane. Similar to the other flight simulator controls mentioned earlier, you will find a wide variety of throttle quadrants that match different needs and budgets. The Saitek Three Lever Pro is the perfect Throttle Quadrant for the money minded individuals and it comes with fewer levels. » Read more: Different Types of Flight Simulator Controls

The Number One Zerg Strategy To Win More Games

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The Zerg Race is meant to be highly dynamic and reactive. As a Zerg player we need to be able to balance a timely response to the four gate all-in, and battle hellions for instance with the need to macro up and build towards the swarm that is essential in mid-late game play.

The difficulty is knowing when it’s safe to macro and when it’s time to build an army. Furthermore, being the reactive race it’s critically important to build the right units. It doesn’t help at all if we’ve massed lings against an opponent going for skytoss and a heavy turtle style.

To achieve this balance its incumbent on us as Zerg players to have a really strong game sense. We need to remain in command of the many game resources at our disposal including minerals, gas, queen energy, larvae and food. It doesn’t help for us to have perfect macro and for us to have used the last of our larvae on a round of drones when a marine / widow mine procession is heading our way.

The number one way for us to maintain a constant game sense and to win more games is more consistent, meaningful, and frequent scouting. Be careful not to trivialize the importance of this aspect of gameplay. Keep in mind that Zergs have a distinct advantage over the other races when it comes to tech switching. We’re able to drop a tech building and instantly produce swarms of units from every active hatch. Contrast that with the other races who need to drop the tech building, and then build a good number of production facilities before they can produce any appreciable quantity. For these reasons it’s very difficult for the opponent to surprise us with a unit composition if we’re scouting properly and its very difficult for us to miss the tech path our opponent is going for due to the lead time. This assumes we know how to interpret the signals and non-signals coming from our opponent. We should constantly focus on learning this code by asking ourselves whats possible based on what we see and by analyzing our losses. » Read more: The Number One Zerg Strategy To Win More Games